Dryer Vent Cleaning $110

A Dirty Vent is a DANGEROUS Vent!

According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2006 an estimated 17,700 reported home fires involving clothes dryers or washing machines resulted in 15 deaths, 360 injuries, and $194 million in direct property damage.

Dryers alone accounted for 92% of these fires. The leading cause was failure to clean dirty vents and screens. Save $$$$$ Your clothes dry faster, you use less electricity, and your clothes and/or dryer last longer. A dirty vent is a DANGEROUS vent! Dryer Vent Cleaning – $110 by someone you can trust. Love your home, protect your family, call today.

dryer vent cleaning

Avoid Dryer Fires!

When asked by a client to recommend someone to clean her dryer vent I had NO IDEA who to refer so I started looking into it. The more I researched it the more shocked (and frightened) I became at the statistics! It impacted me so much that I immediately cleaned my own dryer vent. Mine is shorter and straighter (less places for lint to collect) than most but it was unbelievable how much lint had gathered in it.

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Clean Your Dryer Vents!

The extra added bonus was that my clothes dried much faster once the vent was clean! When I realized that a relatively simple and inexpensive cleaning could help keep someone (i.e. my family) from “becoming” a statistic AND save energy ($$) and time, I knew I had to offer this service to my clients. In typical Will Construction fashion I set about learning everything I could about it. After careful consideration the method we chose to use is very thorough and very clean. In fact you can do it yourself if you like. I’ll be glad to explain the process. But…if you’d rather have it done by a pro just call 352-628-2291. The cost is $110.00.

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Past clients discuss their experiences with us:

Ken did an excellent job with the vent in my laundry area. He tells me you are “The Boss” (I love it). I can tell, by your list of services, you folks are real professionals and it shows.

Kathleen L., On Top of the World

I have used Will Construction on an earlier date to clean my dryer vent. Ken is courteous, efficient and knowledgeable and I will be calling them back for another cleaning in the Fall of 2019…Oh, and yes, the dryer dried my clothes in less time as you said it would! Thank you.

Gail S., Meadowcrest

We have had Will Construction come clean our dryer vent for several years now and we’ll continue to do so as Ken does a thorough job and even goes on the roof to make certain the vent is cleaned out there, this eliminates a fire situation. This yearly service makes us feel more comfortable and safer AND makes the clothes dry faster.

Linda Z., Pine Ridge

Just had my dryer and dryer roof vent cleaned by Will Construction. Ken was prompt, courteous and did a thorough job of cleaning the inside of the dryer, the roof vent and the pipe inside the wall. Talk about lint! A great bargain and good insurance in preventing a dryer fire. They have my recomendation.

Bill H., Sugarmill Woods